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Aldor in Development

Aldor is currently in development.

We are working on the server, we will be announcing very soon a date for the release!

Welcome to the Aldor website!

This will be the first news post of many! 

Please stay tuned for more news, coming soon.

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Aldor team

Brand new website


Username Total XP
Tyson 1,046,310,870
Voice of god 323,035,477
Ancient 199,726,786
Ink 154,123,393
Dagmar 62,058,135
Iron g 45,466,240
Hawaiiv2 31,356,444
Rawrz1 4,290,362
Hawaii v2 1,374,119
Goldblade 1,233,808

Top Voters

Username Total Votes
Aldi 3
Ancient 1
GoldBlade 1
Tyson 4
Voice of God 1

Top Contributors

Username Total Contribution
Tyson $145.00
Hawaii V2 $25.00