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About Us

Aldor is based off of the 2011 era of RuneScape (667 revision) with very little amounts of custom additions. Our goal is to be a successful all around economy server with very nice benefits and moderate experience rates. Meaning, to achieve a level 99 it will take some effort (skills). We understand the demand and popularity of PvP based features and we will do our best to implement as much of them, and many other types of content as possible..

Website update

We have fixed all known bugs of the website(15/5/2022)

Aldor Update

Our first OSRS boss (Zulrah) has been added to the game!

Aldor Update

We have reintroduced rune pouch to the game!


Username Total XP
Heatox 1,440,801,786
Zzz 1,436,073,171
Keara 1,294,993,826
Hawaii 1,129,573,719
Kkr 953,161,274

Top Voters

Username Total Votes
Keara 174
Dagmar 130
Boruto 104
Larx 62
Lafrite 59

Top Contributors

Username Total Contribution
Mojoqc $535.00
Ergo $320.00
Tyson $195.00
Hawaii $35.00
Hawaii V2 $25.00